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The IDEXX SE Ab Test can be used as an initial screening method for the presence of Salmonella enteritidis antibodies. Because the SE ELISA is a g,m flagellin-based assay, other Salmonella serotypes that share the epitopes of g,m flagellin can potentially yield positive results. Therefore, positive ELISA screening results must always be confirmed by standard bacteriological methods.

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  • Serum and egg yolk samples
  • Blocking format

Part numbers and sizes

99-08701 (5 plates/strips)

About Salmonellosis

Salmonellosis is one of the most important zoonotic diseases. The major factor in the success of Salmonella spp. as virtually universal pathogens is their ability to adapt to almost any kind of host. Salmonella-contaminated food products are a major source of human infection. Control programs based on serological monitoring and isolation of Salmonella aim not only toward the reduction of infection prevalence, but also could serve as valuable tools to change routines to decrease food contamination.

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