IDEXX VetLab UA Analyser

Automatically reads and captures strip results


  • Save time and eliminate errors with one-button operation and results in about 80 seconds.
  • Automatically capture IDEXX UA Strip results and integrate with the patients’ medical records and invoices.
  • Improve results with consistent interpretation and colour compensation for darkly coloured samples.
  • Automate your work flow with the IDEXX VetLab Station.

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LEU (leukocytes)
PRO (protein)
GLU (glucose)
KET (ketones)
UBG (urobilinogen)
BIL (bilirubin)
BLD/HGB (blood/haemoglobin)

Note: The IDEXX VetLab UA Analyser does not read or print NIT (nitrate) and SG (specific gravity) results. Experts agree, specific gravity should be measured with a refractometer.


Dimensions & weight

Width: approximately 6 in (15.0 cm)

Depth: approximately 11.5 in (29.0 cm)

Height: approximately 3.7 in (9.4 cm)

Weight: approximately 1.7 lb (0.8 kg)

IDEXX VetLab UA Analyser Operator’s Guide


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IDEXX VetLab Station

Follow up for more

Follow up initial testing with urine culture and sensitivity, urine protein: creatinine ratio (UPC) or RealPCR testing at IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

Simplify your work flow

Manage all your analysers from a single screen via the IDEXX VetLab Station Laboratory Information Management System.


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Manuals & resources

Access IDEXX VetLab UA Analyser manuals, quick reference guides, sample preparation posters and more.


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