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Down the microscope

Our pathology case, join us down the microscope as we discuss the diagnosis. 

Receive more value from every sample in the lead up to Christmas with a helping hand from IDEXX

For farmers pregnancy diagnosis by a vet is all about the value-adds; the ability to date the pregnancy, identify any potential pregnancy issues and to be on-farm to provide a herd health check at the same time.

IDEXX Water – Webinar: Management of Legionella across the world

Want to learn more about the water born Legionella pathogen?

IDEXX Water – Webinar: Detection and control of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Want to learn more about the water born Pseudomonas Aeruginosa pathogen?

Introducing Justine Hughes - Business Manager Sales (Veterinary Diagnostics)

IDEXX New Zealand is excited to introduce as the Business Manager Sales (Veterinary Diagnostics) Justine Hughes.