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Going paperless in your practice and how to handle your team's objective

You know that going paperless will make your practice more efficient and effective while reducing cost and increasing revenue, but how can you get your team on board?

It’s all in the diagnosis

Whether you’re an AAHA-accredited practice, an electronic medical records aficionado, or a chartless practice, diagnosis is a vital part of your medical record. The Cornerstone Patient Diagnosis function helps you do more than capture this required information. This function also helps you improve client communications, follow up with patients, and measure the success of practice protocols.

One tip for managing medical reminders: Keep sending postcards

We're hearing from many practices that postcard communications continue to be a great way to reach clients. They're also providing a welcome sense of routine and normalcy during these uncertain times. Our suggestion: keep reminding clients to call and schedule their appointments and train staff to book six weeks into the future.

What new protocols and processes will stick after COVID-19?

The start of 2020 seems like a lifetime ago — all the carefully laid plans for veterinary practices have since been side-tracked due to uncertainty and lockdown. Click the link below to read about what protocols and processes have improved workflow and keep your team safe.

Extend the reach of your practice with Vetstoria (Neo)

Vetstoria integrates with Neo, allowing you to increase the reach of your practice by offering online appointment booking and video consultations—all without needing to download an app.