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The Dairy Women’s Network

Behind every New Zealand dairy farm there’s a woman, and behind every woman there’s the Dairy Women’s Network.

Introducing Rowan Galloway

Introducing Rowan Galloway your new IDEXX Water & Livestock and Poultry Account Manager.

Down the microscope

This edition we go down the microscope with Dr Mandy O'Hara who looks at Chronic Diarrhoea in a 3yo dog, click through to learn more about the diagnosis and findings.

Calving time: BVD testing with IDEXX

Calving time is a key period on the calendar for the management of BVD on a farm and it is important you are ready to assist your customers. 

5 ways SmartFlow can help with curbside check-in

It is critical to have a customisable workflow system that allows you to easily adapt your processes and protocols to any situation that arises. SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software  with curbside check-in can help your practice by making your workflow more efficient, thereby preserving precious time and resources.