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Extend the reach of your practice with Vetstoria (Neo)

Vetstoria integrates with Neo, allowing you to increase the reach of your practice by offering online appointment booking and video consultations—all without needing to download an app.

4 Cornerstone software housekeeping tips for weathering the storm

While it’s unclear how long we’ll be coping with the effects of COVID-19, here are four steps you can take to help your practice weather a downturn in traffic and get your house in order for a strong recovery.

Tips for handling frustrated clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tips for handling frustrated clients during the COVID-19 pandemic - Establish policies and follow them while delivering high-quality care.

COVID-19 operational plan: running a practice during a pandemic

The day-to-day lives of practice managers have changed with COVID-19, and chances are, they'll never go back to the pre-pandemic "normal." As practices open their doors to clients, practice managers need to create a new operational plan that addresses critical issues, including staff and client concerns, how to conduct appointments and new protocols that efficiently and safely provide the best possible patient care.

Six marketing tips to attract and retain clients as you reopen your doors

Now that you're opening up more to the public, your marketing strategies can help shift your business from simply surviving the pandemic to recouping the revenue you may have lost and set yourself up for future success.