Trace element testing

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At IDEXX, our focus is on enabling strategic herd management decisions by making the right tools available at the right time. Created in conjunction with experts in the field, IDEXX’s Flexi profiles make accessing the right tools easy by enabling you to customise the testing for your clients' specific needs.

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Commonly Requested Trace Element Profiles

Every profile allows you to test 10 animals to maximise results

Serum Only Trace Element Profiles
Serum Only Profiles Cu  Se  Mg BOHB
Standard Profile
(Autumn Cow)
Comprehensive Profile
(Lactating Cow)
Flexi Profiles Cu Se Mg, BOHB, NEFA, Ca, GGT or Phosphate
Flexi Profile 2 Plus any 2 of the above
Flexi Profile 3 Plus any 3 of the above
Flexi Profile 4 Plus any 4 of the above

Flexi Trace Element Profiles are designed with flexibility in mind, simply add what analytes you would like to the base profile of copper and selenium to obtain the most suitable profile to assess herd status.

For a complete list of Trace Element Profiles including liver or single test options, please refer to the IDEXX Directory of Products and Services.

Common Liver and Serum Trace Element profiles
Autumn Cow with Liver Biopsies Serum Tests x10 Liver Tests x6 Minimum Liver Biopsy Test Code
Essential Mg + Se Cu 6 x 0.1g each MIX2
Recommended Mg + Se Cu + B12 6 x 0.2g each MIX3
Comprehensive Mg Cu, B12 + Se 6 x 0.3g each MIX4