Pick ‘N’ Mix Trace Element Testing

IDEXX NZ trace elements testing process

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  1. Identify the analytes you wish to test
  2. Select from our set or Pick ‘N’ Mix profiles
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IDEXX Set Profiles

Serum Profiles

Industry experts recommend sampling 10 animals when assessing the trace element profile of a herd to optimise any management decisions. The range of profiles below offer a convenient way of adopting this approach when requesting seasonal trace element testing.

Profile name Code Analytes included  No. or animals
Young Ruminant Profile YRP Cu, Se, B12 10
Autumn Cow Profile ACP Cu, Se, Mg 10
Pre-mating / Lactating Cow Profile LCP Cu, Se, Mg, BOHB* 10
Transition Cow Profile TCP Ca, Mg, Phos, BOHB* 10

Serum and Liver Profiles

Set profiles

Set liver and serum profiles include the price for both liver and serum testing. Again these represent recommended testing. For ultimate flexibility you may wish to use the Pick ‘n’ Mix option.

Autumn Ruminant Serum and Liver Profiles Code Serum Analyte No. or animals Liver Analytes No. or animals
Profile 1 ARSL1 Se, Mg 10 Cu 6
Profile 2 ARSL2 Se, Mg 10 Cu, B12 6
Profile 3 ARSL3 Mg 10 Cu, B12, Se 6