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A comprehensive wellness care diagnostic solution gives you deeper medical insights into your patients’ health, helping them live happier lives.

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What makes IDEXX Preventive Care different?

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IDEXX Preventive Care profiles

Detect disease early with the most advanced menu of tests.

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Tools to get clients to yes

Resources to gain compliance before, during, and after the visit.

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Tools for protocol implementation

Integrate practice-wide guidelines into your daily workflow.

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Dedicated IDEXX support

Guidance and expertise to help you every step of the way.

IDEXX Preventive Care profiles

Uncover more underlying issues in your patients with the most complete and advanced menu of tests that enables you to evolve your recommendations and tailor to the needs of your patients.

  • IDEXX chemistry with SDMA
  • IDEXX CBC testing with reticulocyte parameters

See the medical evidence and tests
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IDEXX tools and guidelines for implementation and client communication.

Use the IDEXX tools and technology to implement practice-wide guidelines and gain client compliance to make your work easier.

Get publications from the American Animal Hospital Association.

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Promoting Preventive Care Protocols

Learn about the benefits of making preventive care a vital part of your services.

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Implementing Preventive Care Protocols

Get practical information to implement practice-wide preventive care protocols.

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Preventive Care Protocols and Practice Economics

Take a deeper dive into practice economics and where preventive care protocols may fit into building a suitable economic future.

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Preventive Care Strategies and Success

Success stories and practical insights for expanding preventive care in today’s environment.

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An IDEXX team of experts dedicated to your success

From profile design to strategies for success to staff engagement, get personalised support, guidance, and expertise from the IDEXX team ready to help every step of the way.

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Let us help you implement preventive care guidelines simply and seamlessly into your practice’s day-to-day workflow.

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