IDEXX Products and Services

Small Animal Health

Diagnostic technology and services to help you practise better medicine

Telemedicine and Internal Medicine Consultants

Practice Information Management

Cornerstone Practice Management Software



Equine Health

Advance care with diagnostics exclusively for the equine practitioner

In-house Diagnostics

SNAP Foal IgG Test

SNAP Total T4 Test

Reference Laboratories

Reference Laboratories Services

Diagnostic Imaging and Telemedicine Consultants

Telemedicine Consultants

Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics

Diagnostic tools and services to help you make more confident herd and flock health decisions

Ruminant Reproduction Testing

Bovine Pregnancy

Ruminant Other Testing

Diagnostics Using Milk Samples

Equine Viral Testing

Equine Influenza A

Dairy Testing

For wholesome milk and healthy herds

Water Testing Solutions

Innovative solutions for easy, rapid, accurate and cost-effective water testing

Pseudomonas aeruginosaTesting


Pseudalert 250

Legionella pneumophila Testing


Cryptosporidium/Giardia Testing


Filta-Max xpress

Invitrogen Products

Heterotrophic Plate Count Testing

HPC for Quanti-Tray

SimPlate for HPC

Chlorine Testing


Quantification and Quality Control Testing

Quanti-Tray System